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IN CULTURE consumptive

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Indonesian society today as people who are in transitional circumstances. They now are moving from a traditional agrarian society filled with nuance spiritualistik towards modern industrial society is materialistic. Amid the people of Indonesia, the color of a society, has been felt in the heart of community life, although the traditional agrarian life style is not disappearing altogether. In the terminology of this state of Indonesia, categorized as a society are moving from a society full of organic solidarity. In this condition, may appear the phenomenon of cultural turmoil at the individual level and social level.
The phenomenon of turmoil like this would not be here, nor was there, not in the traditional culture that has begun to left nor in modern culture that are created. Because people of Indonesia who have adopted much of consumer culture, so to survive and hold fast to traditional life is no longer possible, because it was considered unsuitable and outdated, but for overall menginggalkannya also impossible, because the model of the new world of life was not so clear the system of Indonesian society ideas clearly.
Under such circumstances, a society tends to Indonesia menmungut cultural symbols adopted the new world of bits and pieces, and while it was also selected as a traditional symbol that is to be maintained. Indonesian society today seems to adopt the cultural systems that together, although generally only taken cultural elements that are considered useful only for certain purposes only. Cultural elements are taken and defended it more likely contains shades of material (material) compared with the hidden meaning behind the cultural elements that, as a result, some elements of foreign cultures that place of origin is seen as something that had to be abandoned, was in Indonesia may even be a part of the new life of the community lived.
One of the characteristics of consumer behavior is the tendency of traditional Indonesian society to consume something that they did not really need it, but more because they feel needed. Goods consumed is no longer owned by substansialnya function, but more emphasis only on the symbolic meaning attached to it. Here the function it has turned into something that has a symbolic meaning that may be related to social status, feeling more valuable, or simply trapped in primary culture. Therefore, Indonesia is often seen in the community which considers that the more rare and limited production of an object, the higher the significance attached to it simolis. So Indonesia's traditional society is now seen increasingly has shifted from giving stuff to make the symbol. Outside aware, Indonesia's traditional society has become increasingly colonized by the product developed countries and increasingly teriring on behavior seemed to change consumption and social culture of traditional societies tend towards negative indonesi.

 Future Challenges
Our discourse about it, we have long been carefully observed that it is true, the symptoms of social change in the culture of Indonesian society that tends towards the negative. This can be seen from the various statements and information and the current direction of movement of desire that looks we see. Awareness of the weight of the challenges faced by Indonesia in the future people really termanya keenly felt today. Competition will be more severe with the opening of the Indonesian people from the outside world. It required, among other human beings have a sense of high self-confidence, discipline, resourceful, creative, have initiative and the principal, to face challenges that do not light it. The Indonesian people must move from a position as consumers become producers. Of statements based on our observations, it appears some circles wanted such a change. The tendency toward change in culture as can be witnessed today, is certain to be a serious obstacle in efforts to continue development in accordance with the ideals of independence. Therefore, becomes a challenge that is not lightly to find and concocting a recipe for Indonesian people do not get too far with the trend that is happening.
In a single human being who can answer the challenges of the future, it's not an easy job. Necessary strategy to dynamically menjgkaji return values of national culture that can be used as tools to face future challenges. The concept of inheritance for high values of this became a political slogan of our culture, must be re-examined. Inheritance of cultural values must be understood as a complex process and not simple, because it involves all dimensions of the dynamics of community life. It is worth also to realize that there are constraints that require precision in the process of inheritance depth value.
The first constraint is related to the determination of the values that need to be inherited, which according to the challenges faced by Indonesia in the future. The Indonesian people who have hundreds of ethnic groups with different cultural value system has its own culture. Will be the bulk of work is not easy to determine which values will be inherited.
The second involves the "Agent" is a duty to pass on the noble values it. Is "agent" who will inherit a value in itself to understand the true benefits of cultural values, and meyakinkininya. To believe in 'something' that deserves to be inherited. This can only be proved by the attitude and behavior of the "agent" itself. If the inheritance is the only advice that never manifested a satisfactory outcome. Deserves to be understood that inheritance is not enough value in the rhetoric and the like that. Inheritance value will be easier to do if accompanied by the practice of life. This is where the importance of implementing the law (enforecement low order) in the practice of public life, but the trend in government emenetapkan new laws against many of the values of a culture of wisdom, such as Pornography Act which seems to make people nervous because almost abandoning cultural values so pall.
Third, the process of globalization we have felt the pulse in the direction of the Indonesian people's life, but has formed the cultural patterns of society leading to a relatively same idea (Borderless), but also has given rise to a wave of opposition in some communities. Will be the emergence of social groups only by their own value system, a reality that can not be avoided. This led to cultural values will have inherited a variety of responses also, and even likely to be different from one community to another group, and maybe this could interfere with the integrity of the nation.
Of course there are other constraints that accompany the transmission of cultural values. Such as Determination Act - Act that contradict or lead to the elimination of the culture, setting daera rules (regulations) which also points to the set tends to lead to the elimination of the culture. This for us is a discrimination and neglect of national culture. Indonesia will be seen not to have known something "special" which is the pride in the future. These constraints need to be on the agenda to be discussed seriously by all parties aware of the challenges of the future of an increasingly coherent and complex. As a final note, have a saying distir contains the nation's cultural values that we need to serve as a reflection in an effort to inheritance value. Proverb that says "all phony keujian, life people do not believe". Paternalistic culture that thicker basih Indonesian society needs ideals of their leaders, whether leaders at lower levels and at the top. By modeling the negative elements in the development of Indonesian culture would be tackled and can be directed to a certain culture to welcome the globalization process that has started to feel the pulse in the pulse of the nation.
The dynamics of change cultural values that are rapidly taking place in Indonesia that can be seen from the reflection of the social life of Indonesian society today, that the various attitudes and social behavior is going on in life leads to anxiety over. The practice of life that no longer refers to the traditional values that had been seen as the basic pattern of social behavior have undergone a shift. Solidarity escalation of social mobility which has led to increasing contiguity between the various ethnic cultures more intense. Social contacts between ethnic increasing but can lead to increased social tolerance, but it can also foster conflict triggered by social exchange (social exchange) are not going well. Along with that, pelbagi social phenomena also accompany the process of change taking place.

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